Friday, July 19, 2013

Fit Friday Update!

While this post is directed to my online coaching clients, I of course love to inspire and so hopefully others will gain from it as well... For all of my "Team Fit" clients logging on to read this today, congrats! You made it another week.. your results are paying off.. and you are winning!!! 

Since much of the East Coast is under extreme heat advisories, I thought I would give you tips on still getting a good workout in even though it feels like we live on the equator now. 

I cannot say it enough, WATER, WATER, WATER.. you may also benefit from a GU packet on your runs, try to limit your runs to early in the morning, or after the sun has set. Trail running can be beneficial due to shade cover from trees. Make sure you are wearing breathable whicking fabrics to not get overheated. If you do begin to feel light headed, or break out into chills or cold bumps, stop, take a break, and walk back. Remember a post workout including protein after your run. 

Much of the same for you, chug down your water, take a snack if you need some energy halfway through your course, ride in packs. Helmets are very important, however make sure you are wearing one suitable for the intense heat, that will release some of your body temp. Remember sunblock for very long rides. Follow up your run with post workout

While much of this will most likely be done inside, remember to pack your water, possibly a pre-workout drink if you plan for an intense workout, and then an electrolyte replacement if much of your workout is being done in an outdoor obstacle course, or bootcamp style class. 

For those of you who are unable to stand the heat, don't push yourself instead trade in your run for a swim, or a workout video indoors. If you are elderly, have heart or breathing conditions, or plan to take a small child along.. adhere to the air quality warnings and stay in a well cooled center. 

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