Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Do it on the ball!!!!

Do you want to spice up your sets????

Do them on a ball!!!!

So many exercises that you will find in your normal routine can be done on a ball. This will not only change it up a bit, to help reduce boredom in your workout, but will also cause your muscles to work in a new way, in an effort to fatigue muscles that are becoming too used to your workout and not working as hard..

After the first time switching your workouts over to the ball you may experience some DOMS the next day, but remember that my friends.. is a good thing!!!! Sore is good, pain is not!

So what should you start with on the ball? Grab some free weights and do chest flys on the ball, or sit on it to engage your core as you do curls, lay back and do some reverse crunches. 

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