About Me

I'm a mama, a friend, a sister, a wife, a runner, a photographer, and prior to becoming a mama, I was a nurse!!!

I love seeing people arrive at a place they once thought wasn't attainable, and realize they can still keep going, and achieve even bigger dreams. I love hearing that someone has more energy, is sleeping better, and feels great. I take pride in hearing that my clients who never thought they could run more then a half mile are signing up for races, and half marathons, and moms who never thought they could fir back into pre-pregnancy clothes, are buying a smaller size, and are turning into healthy strong champions!!!

Almost 5 years ago I myself completed an amazing body transformation and lost about 50 pounds, I went from eating incorrectly, feeling lousy, and having no energy... to being fit, craving aerobic activity, and feeling the best I ever have. I became a runner, completing many races, and even ran until I was 8 months pregnant! I find running and working out to be the best de-stress mechanism that there is!

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